jack beck
14 July 2016

UFVA 2016 Conference

I will be giving two presentations at the conference this August in Henderson, NV. One will be on support for sound design (mise-en-bande), and the other on the point-of-audition for hearing-compromised characters.
14 July 2016

Durango Film Festival Judge

Had a wonderful time as one of the Documentary Feature judges in Durango last April.
14 July 2016

Finished Facades Photo Series

Completed 12 large aluminum prints of photos taken while teaching in Paris, Croatia, and Utah.
16 July 2011

New Project in Post

I shot a short experimental narrative in Dubrovnik, Croatia, called Stari Grad. It was shot in HD 24P on a Panasonic Lumix GH-2. Should be completed by February 2012.
16 July 2011

Dubrovnik, Croatia Workshop

Seven students from RIT traveled to ACMT in Dubrovnik, Croatia to take a Production Workshop course in the Spring 2011. The works are looking very promising.
19 January 2011

Fossil Light New Screenings

Fossil Light will be screening at the Documental Film Series and the Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles, February 2011.
18 September 2009

Fossil Light Wins awards!

Fossil Light has won the following awards: Berkeley Video and Film Festival, Grand Festival Award – Experimental, CA, Sept. 2009; U.S. Super 8 Film Festival, Best Short Film, Rutgers University, New Jersey, Feb. 2009. Congratulations to Tony Gault!
20 November 2008

New Site for AUX Project!

Check out www.theauxproject.com for more info on our (myself and Matt Costanza's) ongoing AUX series.
18 September 2008

Fossil Light is Finished

Fossil Light (see Works) has been edited by Tony Gault and will be hitting the festival circuit next year.
25 July 2008

AUX 2 is Premiered

AUX 2 premiered in the ImageMovementSound Festival at RIT in April. Codenamed "Spacejunk", it continues the style and look of the AUX series.
24 July 2008

New Avon, NC Pictures

Those interested, goto Gallery. To view, click on thumbnail. To copy, click to zoom, then drag and drop on desktop.
20 April 2008

AUX 1 Wins Award

AUX 1 will be awarded a Certificate of Merit in the Rochester International Film Festival coming this May,
05 January 2008

New Screenings for AUX 1 in February

AUX 1 will be in the ever excellent Durango Film Festival 2/27-3/2. AUX 1 will also be in an experimental show at the venerable Tank Gallery in NYC 2/27.
01 October 2007

New Fests for AUX 1

AUX 1 got into the Montezuma Film Fest in Costa Rica for November 1-5. It would be great to go to that, but difficult. Also, we got into the 10 or Less Fest (formerly the famed Portland International Short Short) for October 18-20. I hope to make it.
21 August 2007

Artist Residency at ETC

Matt Costanza and I have been awarded a five-day residency in November at the ETC, Experimental Television Center in Owego, NY. We hope to continue working along similar lines as AUX.
21 August 2007

AUX 1 on DigiFestival.net!

See it in competition and vote at this Italy-based internet fest. DigiFestival
18 June 2007

Joe: Body Electric on IFC.com

Look for Joe: Body Electric on IFC.com, the Independent Film Channel website soon. It is a part of the Rooftop Films Shorts.
18 June 2007

Joe: Body Electric at Rooftop Films

Joe: Body Electric screened Saturday 6/16 as part of the Rooftop Films "Industriance - Disaster Management" program in Brooklyn. It was a great show with a great crowd.
08 April 2007

AUX 1 Debuts

AUX 1 had its premiere in the ImageMovementSound Festival at RIT on April 1. Another screening coming up for April 15 at the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester. See the description of the piece in Works.
21 January 2007

The Pool in Sundance

Congratulations to Chris Smith for getting his narrative feature into competition. I was able to play a small part with analysis early in post.
31 October 2006

Team Mantha in the Big Pumpkin

Our curling team won the First Event in the annual Big Pumpkin bonspiel in Rochester. 14 teams from the Northeast and Ontario competed. We went 4-0.
25 June 2006

The Chickening in the Virginia Digital Film Festival

The Chickening will be screening in select venues t.b.d. in Virginia starting soon.
20 June 2006

Joe: Body Electric in the Crested Butte Film Fest

Joe will be screening in the Crested Butte, CO fest, August 9-13.
07 May 2006

The Chickening in the Hi, Mom! Film Festival

Yes! Chick got into the Hi, Mom! Fest. The fest is 6/15-17 in Chapel Hill, NC. Check it out.
19 April 2006

Joe: Body Electric and The Chickening in LA

Both Joe and The Chickening will be screening twice in the Ozone Film and Video Festival in Covington, LA, 4/19-23.
12 April 2006

Joe: Body Electric wins in the SLCFF!

Joe: Body Electric won First Place in the Sarah Lawrence College Experimental Film and Video Festival! The fest is 4/14-15. Joe screens both nights.
30 March 2006

Joe: Body Electric in the Johns Hopkins Film Festival

Joe: Body Electric will be screening in the Johns Hopkins Festival 4/27-30.
18 March 2006

Two Works in the Ybor Festival of the Moving Image

Joe: Body Electric and The Chickening will both be screening in the Ybor Fest in Tampa, FL April 5-9! "This festival highlights artists working not only in traditional ways such as narrative and documentary, but also artists using a moving image component in any medium, especially music, dance, theater and the visual arts of sculpture and painting. This event also strives to have the creators of the works present at the festival. Artists are available to discuss and explain the technical and philosophical aspects of their work with the audience before and after screenings and performances."
18 March 2006

The Chickening in the Antelope Valley Film Festival

The Chickening will be in Antelope Valley in north Los Angeles County 4/21-23. I hope to be there. "AVIFF is dedicated to bringing members of the Antelope Valley community into environments where they can learn about films and filmmaking directly from the directors, writers, producers, actors, and craftspeople who create them. The festival seeks to showcase the best in undistributed short and feature films in all genres from around the world."
09 March 2006

Joe: Body Electric in the Boston Underground Fest!

Joe: Body Electric will be screening in Boston (in the Harvard area). The festival runs 3/22-26 and Joe screens twice. I hope the video is alternative enough for that scene.
09 March 2006

Joe: Body Electric in the Ann Arbor Film Fest!

Joe: Body Electric will be in competition, screening 3/21. Ann Arbor is one of the most prestigious experimental fests, so I am suitably pleased. It's a cool town, so go attend.
16 February 2006

Joe: Body Electric in the Wisconsin Film Fest

Joe: Body Electric will be screening in Madison during the fest's run on March 30th thru April 2nd. It might be coupled with a cool found footage feature. Thanks to Meg and Travis.
22 January 2006

Joe: Body Electric in the Hi/Lo Fest

"Over 550 films were submitted and yours was one that blew away our selection committee and really embodies the high concept/low budget premise of our festival. Your film will be presented between APRIL 6 - 9 at the Brava Theater in SF and the Parkway Theater in Oakland." -- Hi/Lo
11 January 2006

Vignettes... to Screen at The Tank Gallery

Vignettes de Mouvement de Minimalisme will get its first screening outside of Rochester on 2/23 9pm, in NYC. The Tank's new space is at the Collective Unconscious in Tribeca: 279 Church Street between Franklin and White. $7.
11 January 2006

Joe: Body Electric and The Chickening in CO

Both Joe: Body Electric and The Chickening will be screening in the damn fun Durango Indy Film Festival! The Chickening will be featured in the 5th Grade Program. Check it out 3/1-5/06.

"On a personal note, I was on the committee that chose Jon's Point, and we are thrilled to be able to screen these two films. Both are wonderfully fun while still being fascinating in their execution." -- Michele Malach

05 December 2005

Team Mantha in the Highland Games

The Ron Mantha led Team Mantha curling team won the Second Event (2nd place) in the Highland Games bonspiel in Rochester. The team includes Ryan Case as lead and Joe Amato as Vice (and me at 2nd). In October, Team Mantha won the third event trophy in the Big Pumpkin bonspiel.
02 December 2005

Joe: Body Electric in the VIFVF

Joe will be screening in the Victoria Indy Film/Video Festival in British Columbia, Canada (!) Lovely country. January 30, 2006.
17 November 2005

The Chickening Screens in NYC

The Chickening will be screening as part of a show of shorts at the Pioneer Theatre in the East Village. Check it out 7pm, 11/20.
13 November 2005

Joe: Body Electric Wins Award

Joe won a Certificate of Merit from the Three Rivers Film Festival in Pittsburgh. Joe was one of 8 finalists out of 160 applicants to the international shorts competition. Thanks to the fest and the judges.
07 November 2005

Joe: Body Electric in the Three Rivers Film Festival

Joe is a finalist in the Shorts Competition in this fun fest in Pittsburgh. The screening date(s) remain undetermined as of yet, but will be either 11/11, 13, or 15. This marks the fifth fest I am in around this weekend. Quite unexpected.
02 November 2005

Yampah Shoot Goes Well

I just returned from a week of shooting polar bears and the tundra around Churchill, Manitoba. My collaborator, Tony Gault, and I, feel the shoot went very well. We shot 12 hours of film and video, had a great time, and met some wonderful, talented photographers. Look for a description soon in Works and pix in Gallery.
30 October 2005

Joe: Body Electric in the Anchorage Intl Film Fest

The fest is 12/2-11. Check-out www.anchoragefilmfestival.com. I'm psyched to be screening up north in December.
12 October 2005

Joe: Body Electric in the Northampton Indy Film Fest

The festival is 11/8-13 in Northampton, MA. More info coming. I'm quite pleased with the recent surge of acceptances. I may be screening in four different fests on the same weekend. A record for me.
11 October 2005

The Chickening in the Big Mini-DV Fest

The festival will be held at the Spike Lee Screening room at the Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University on November 11 and 12.
11 October 2005

Joe: Body Electric in the Ohio Indy Film Fest

The festival is in my hometown, Cleveland Public Theatre, 6415 Detroit Road, November 6-13. Joe screens 11/11.
19 September 2005

Aqualesce is in the eKsperim[E]nto Film Festival

The festival is in Manilla, Phillipines, 9/20-24. Aqualesce is in the Aqualesce International Program (yes, named after work).
19 September 2005

Joe: Body Electric in eKsperim[E]nto Festival

The festival is in Manilla, Phillipines, 9/20-24. Joe is in the Exposure Centerpiece Selections Program.
15 September 2005

Jack Attends the Toronto Film Festival

I was in Toronto all week and saw 23 films. My favorites were: Dorota Kedzierz' I Am, Michael Glawogger's Workingman's Death, Noel Baumbach's The Squid and the Whale, and Laurie Anderson's Hidden Inside Mountains.
15 September 2005

The Chickening in the St. Louis Film Festival

The festival dates are November 10-20.
24 August 2005

Joe: Body Electric Wins Award

Joe: Body Electric won the Juror's Award at the River's Edge Film Festival. Thanks to everyone at the fest, and especially to the juror, Avery Crounse.
23 August 2005

The Chickening in the Nevada City Film Festival

The dates of the festival are October 7-10. In Nevada City, California.
22 August 2005

Team Mantha Hits Curling Circuit

Team Mantha (Ron, Joe, Ryan, me) are gearing up for some serious competition in ensuing months. RCMP Open in Ottawa; Ganonoque, ON; Barrie, ON; Big Pumpkin in Rochester; Preliminary Trials in Potomoac, MD.

22 August 2005

Joe: Body Electric in the Coney Island Film Festival

The dates of the festival are September 30 to October 2.
20 August 2005

Joe: Body Electric in the Tulsa Overground 8 Film Festival

The dates of the festival are August 19-21. In Tulsa, Oklahoma.
15 August 2005

Joe: Body Electric in the Bay Street Film Fest!

The dates for the festival are September 16 to 18, 2005, Thunder Bay, Ontario.
06 August 2005

Composers Rock

I must say that the Eastman School of Music composers that I have been able to work with in the IMS collaborations have been awesome. Super-talented. Keep in mind that those works are co-created with equal input. Thanks again: Nicholas Scherzinger, Jon Forshee, and David Plylar.
06 August 2005

Joe: Body Electric in the River's Edge Film Festival

The dates for the festival are August 18 to 21, 2005, Paducah, KY. www.riversedgefilmfestival.com
15 July 2005

The Chickening at the Crash Mansion

The Chickening will be screening in a "short film showdown" semi-finals in Manhattan in July.
11 July 2005

Coming: Clips for Older Stuff

In the updated descriptions of narratives in Works are excerpts of dialogue. Later this summer, look for images and clips of the remaining older films and videos.
04 July 2005

NEW: Los Angeles Excursion

Various pictures from my recent trip to Los Angeles. Most shots are from in and around my friend Ben Patrick's pad in Laurel Canyon. Check it out in the Gallery. GO HERE
07 June 2005

Joe: Body Electric at the Tank

Joe has been scheduled to screen at The Tank Gallery in NYC in August, with me in attendance. UPDATE: The screening was a blast. Special thanks to Randy Bell for making it happen.
18 May 2005

Jon's Point at The Tank

Randall Good has helped arrange a screening at the gallery as part of its farewell show, May 17. Sorry to hear they are losing their space, but hope they find another. I feel privileged to be included. Thanks!
16 May 2005


www.aquilineproductions.com is up, almost. Lots to see and read, but coming soon will be the last of the Works clips. And later, DVD's in Store.
01 May 2005

RIT-SoFA Student Honors Show Coming!

I am happy to be the Director of the School of Film & Animation Honors Show to be held downtown Rochester at the Little Theatre, May 22, 3pm.

The show will consist of the best films/videos/animations of the year, representing all categories and class-levels. It has always proven to be a great show, and this year will not be an exception. In the past, multi-award winning student works have gotten a head-start at the Honors Show.

01 May 2005

Entanglements: Second Try a Charm

The three-person collaboration Entanglements was re-staged to much gratification last January at the Kilborn Hall at The Eastman School of Music. The work is live solo viola, recorded electronic music, and projected digital video conglomeration. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to have worked with the likes of John Graham, and Robert Morris.

My video was a field of abstract, mostly soft, color and texture forms created through various methods of shooting the Niagara River. The "entanglements" were various ways in which the three complementing media seemed to "move in and around" each other. Entanglements can only be seen performed, if and when it happens again.

28 April 2005

Yampah Announced

“Yampah” is Ute Indian for “big medicine.” This refers to a worldview held by many non-Western cultures. They see the benefits of embracing the animals and landscapes that surround them as a way to understand their place within the world and the universe. This understanding, respect and attempt to live in balance is essential to the health of the world and to the human community that is only a small part of this world.

Yampah is also a film currently in pre-production with Tony Gault of the University of Denver. We will begin production in Canada this October. Check back for details.

28 April 2005

Water Works on Tour!

Water Works, my 7-part digital series, 8 years in-the-making, premiered at The Tank in Manhattan in August 2004. Since then, I have completed two more works to add to the mix, which, along with additional film & video projects of recent years, totals twelve works in the complete program.

Starting now, I am soliciting venues (galleries, universities, theatres) to screen. Please, as the website continues to form, and the clips are up to view, take a look and contact me if you are interested. DVD's of works will be available in July.

28 April 2005

Door 7 Judge

Door 7 is an independent gallery in Rochester run by a rag-tag bunch of students and alumni. Last month I was a judge for the Hue art opening. An impressive amount of work was submitted to participate in a great show. I was also, along with animator Skip Battaglia, a judge for the film/video screening. It is an important (big) space worth checking out.
28 April 2005

IMS is a Success!

The ImageMovementSound Festival was a great success again this year. As Co-Director, there is a small sense of pride, for sure. IMS is an annual show in Rochester of collaborations between faculty and students at RIT (film/video), SUNY Brockport (dance/choregraphy), and The Eastman School of Music (musicians/composers). Our video Joe: Body Electric premiered to an enthusiastic full house. David Plylar did the music. You will be able to read all about the piece and see a clip soon, in Works.
28 April 2005


Finally a website is coming to fruition thanks to the enormous help of Paul Wieland. It is under construction, but taking shape nicely.