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Aquiline Productions

Aquiline Productions was registered as a business in 1999. It now thrives as Jack's independent short film & video company. Aquiline also provides support for other entities through equipment, production, and post services on select projects.

Aquiline means "eagle-like," more specifically, like the Golden Eagle (aquila chrysaetos). The golden icon of the company is a sketch of mine (improved by Tiffani Moody) based on an emblem on a Navajo ring.

Jack Beck

Jack Beck is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Live-Action Program in the School of Film & Animation at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He's completed numerous short works to date, winning several awards in festivals. Jack wrote and associate produced a comedy feature, and assisted in the editing of a Sundance winning documentary. His film, Pond's Eye, was a Student Academy Award National Finalist. Jack has also worked as a cinematographer, videographer, screenwriter, story editor, radio DJ, sound engineer, boom operator, and sound recordist.

Jack completed his seven-part Water Works series with a video, Aqualesce. The series premiered at the Tank Gallery in Manhattan. His recent water work, Joe: Body Electric, was selected for 25 festivals and won 3 awards.

Jack continues to create new digital works, often collaborations with Eastman School of Music composers through the ImageMovementSound program. A work from 2001, Jon's Point, L.A., continued to find screenings through 2003. Venues included the CBS Jumbotron in Times Square, and one of two American selections to the experimental program in the Dresden International Film Festival. In 2002, Jack went to Panama to shoot digital video of the courtship display of the Golden-Collared Manakin with UCLA biologist Barney Schlinger. In 2005, Jack went to Churchill, Manitoba on the Hudson Bay to shoot polar bears with filmmaker Tony Gault. In the summer 2007, Jack returned to Paris with colleague Johannes Bockwoldt to teach a production workshop. In the spring of 2011, Jack taught a production workshop in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Jack's films & videos have collectively garnered 200+ screenings in festivals, galleries, theatres, universities, tours, and TV. International screenings include: Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Costa Rica, the Philippines, and Italy.

For bios of Jack's collaborators on recent works, please see below.

Artist's Statement

Recent HD work is returning to the alternative narrative approaches of my earliest work. Stories that stretch the medium and the human experience. One is in post, two others in development.

Experimental work has evolved into spontaneously shot documentaries, and conceptually driven quasi-narratives. The pieces maintain a vibrant energy throughout, with the editing pronounced and the imagery kinetic in subject and camera. I shoot works that thrive in the digital medium—robust color, crisp detail, and brute sound. The graphic manipulation is mostly in-camera creation. Common subjects: the environment/landscape, animals, and man's intrusion. On one level, motion abstraction; on another, a decisively sinister mood at work.

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